12/04/18 10:07AM
Path Of Exile Tutorial Of Scion
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We try to work on a tutorial for Path of Exile class, and this time based on a unique character, able to adapt to any type of PoE characters, both in their abilities and its game form, we speak of the Scion.

The Scion is considered the daughter of...

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12/04/18 09:53AM
Path of Exile: A Look At Update 3.3.0
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In the official forum of Path of Exile, the developers gave a preview of the upcoming patch 3.3.0. What the update has to offer, you will learn in this article.


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04/04/18 07:46AM
Path Of Exile Has Been Reformed Based On Battle Royale Games
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The developers have confirmed this time that they gave their heads a little fool on April 1. No matter how. Based on the battle royale games, the Path of Exile has been reformed, and the classic gameplay can not be achieved at this time.

The creators...

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16/03/18 07:16AM
Path Of Exile Has Three Types Of Sockets
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Path of Exile is everything refreshing about the hack-n-slash genre. Not only does it do everything that made Diablo 2 right but it stays away from everything that Diablo 3 did wrong. Grinding Gear Games put nearly 7 years into the development of Path of Exile with a large span of it being a "forever beta" till finally launching early 2013 and...

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16/03/18 06:50AM
Clear Your First Map In Path Of Exile
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According to the fans, Path of Exile is the worthy successor of Diablo 2. It is a hardcore Hack'n Slash, which offers a great complexity in the evolution of its character.


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